Changing Seasons

In Ohio the seasons are changing and if you've stepped outside lately or looked out a window for that matter it's difficult to deny. We had our first snowfall a few days ago, 5 inches at our house. Driving home last night, I couldn't help but notice the struggle occurring between two seasons. I sensed winter as snow blanketed the ground all around me, but fall still seemed to be in existence as dry leaves were being blown across the road. It's the same in our yard; the fresh snow was quickly covered by leaves that had yet to fall from our oak trees. My naturalist background reminded me that those leaves weren't completely relying on the wind to break away. In the fall as trees begin the process of "shutting down" for winter, microscopic cells develop between the leaf and the tree forcing the leaf to slowly break away. Wind often provides the final encouragement leaves need to be released at the end of the fall season.

I can think of seasons in my life when I needed "wind" in the same way leaves do to break away. Seasons of hurt that were in need of forgiveness, seasons of unbelief where I desperately needed to break away and believe, and the list goes on. The struggle in nature outside my window between winter and fall is similar in our lives as we experience different seasons and transition between them. I'm thankful and find hope today in knowing that our creator who orchestrates nature's cycles has also brought me through many different seasons. No matter what struggles or seasons lie ahead I have hope in knowing "...that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28).  No matter what nature's landscape looks like where you are, there is change and possibly even a struggle of nature's seasons occurring before your eyes. I hope you find hope as you look or step outside today!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Hits home with me as I am in a season of change. -em

    1. I hope you found encouragement too, we all need that as we go through seasons of change! Thanks for reading sweet friend!