A Superhero Daddy

We didn't know on the day I went into labor if we would be welcoming a little girl or a little boy into the world.  It was a surprise and quite possibly one of the best surprises. I'll forever remember my doctor holding our precious little man up and revealing "it's a boy!" We had only hoped for a healthy baby and truly didn't have a preference, but I did catch myself during my pregnancy imagining what it would be like to have a boy. I was surrounded by kids at work and the energy, sense of adventure, and imaginations of little boys were something I loved. But moments after our little man was born my thoughts went to my husband and the bond he would have with our little man as "Daddy." Indeed, our little man adores his Daddy. Everything is better with Daddy. Milk tastes better when Daddy pours it, books are funnier when read by Daddy, bath-time supervised by daddy is as exciting as going to a water park, and the list goes on. It's safe to say at our house, Daddy has superhero status. I'm a lucky lady to have married a man who is an amazing husband and father. One of my favorite parts of our marriage has been watching an unbreakable bond develop between my man and our little man.
I always get a little nervous on Monday mornings after a weekend of having Daddy home. I know our little man is going to be disappointed that Daddy has to go to work and he usually doesn't hesitate to express how he feels about it. Today was especially hard after Daddy had several days off over the holidays. The day was filled with "where's daddy, he'll probably be right back," "Daddy will be here soon," always followed by him looking at me for reassurance. My little man even likes to remind me that there are certain things he only does with Daddy, not Mommy. I'd be lying if I said it isn't hard at times, especially in moments when all he really wants is Daddy. But I've been encouraged by reading "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson. Our little man is simply formulating his masculine identity and I can't think of a better person for him to emulate. It's normal, healthy, and the more I sit back and watch the more it warms my heart. I love that my little mans earthly Daddy is playing a significant role in pointing him towards his heavenly Daddy. A priceless gift.


  1. I'm reading this at work and having to hold back tears (having a child has made me soft). My little guy is the exact same way. It's hard to hear "no Mommy, Daddy do it", but reading your post made me feel better. Thank you for that. As always, I miss your face.

    1. Thanks for reading Casey, I'm glad it made you feel better. I had a feeling this post would resonate with moms of little boys! I miss you too!

  2. I have tears of happiness. So beautiful. You are a true gift. :)