On any given day regardless of who you are or where you are in life, there can be a million different things competing for your time and attention. I'm a list person, and as a SAHM I find myself working to cross the next thing off my list in each free moment. Inevitably I get interrupted and tasks go unfinished, but I go back to the list at the next opportunity. I'm thankful that my faith, motherhood, a few authors, and wise friends have helped me realize a successful day isn't measured by how much I accomplish or mark off my list. I've likely missed out on joy in certain seasons of my life because I was too driven by accomplishment and a to-do list. With that said, I always have a list either mentally or on paper; it helps me organize and prioritize, but I strive to not let it control or consume my time and I've learned to give myself grace when it comes to crossing things off.
It seemed inevitable that the flu would eventually hit our family, EVERYONE we talk to is sick or getting over being sick. Our little man is the first victim (we're praying he's the last). He rarely stops moving and this virus has stopped him in his tracks. 

Instead of being bitter about the sleepless nights, being stuck at home, not crossing anything off this week's list, and the way a sick kid just simply breaks your heart, I'm turning to thankfulness. In a funny but real way I'm thankful for three things that have proven to make life easier with the flu; popsicles, bagels, and cartoons. Seriously though, my little man needs his mama and I'm thankful for the extra cuddles (if you read my last post you know cuddles are rare around here: A Superhero Daddy). I'm thankful that God uses circumstances like these to remind me I'm not in control, He is. I'm thankful for extra time while holding my little man to pray for other parents with sick little ones at home and moms who are having a hard day. If that's you, I've prayed for you over the past few days! I hate that it takes a sick child to prompt me to take the extra time to pray, but I'm thankful at the same time. I'm thankful for less distractions and for the whisper I've heard in the quiet moments, 
"Be still and know that I am God." Another reminder I desperately need because when things return back to normal at our house the list will be competing for my time again along with so many other things; yet it will be just as important to take time to be still, be thankful, and find joy. I hope you carve out time in your day to be still and look for thankful moments.


  1. That sweet boy being that sick breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  2. Thanks Tami! The worse appears to be behind us this morning!