It's frigid and I'm longing for spring, it's warmth, and the refreshment it brings as nature comes alive in a new way. But for now I'm choosing to embrace the snow and it's beauty. A sense of quiet exists in nature when I step outside or (for sub-zero days like today) look out my window. The longer I watch and listen, the more I'm aware of nature moving in the midst of snow. As the snow began to blanket the ground earlier this week, nature listened.

"When snow falls, nature listens."
-Antoinette van Keef

Wildlife senses the shift in the weather and prepares. Instead of barren trees, I notice branches stretched towards the sky like open arms welcoming each snowflake. Trees that listen through the seasons, stand tall, provide for wildlife, and withstand the elements of weather. 

The beauty of a fresh blanket of snow yet to be walked on never gets old nor does the joy of being the first to scatter footprints across it. Yesterday, my little man and I explored the fresh snow. We ran, made snow angels, tossed snow in the air, and discovered nature moving. His excitement was contagious and embracing the snow was refreshing.

 Until spring arrives, I'll continue to choose to embrace the beauty of winter and ponder the many different ways nature is moving and listening. After all, in many ways nature points us towards the hope of a new season (even when it's blanketed with snow). 

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