Nostalgia, it usually catches me by surprise when I'm least expecting it and yesterday I found it around every corner. It was sweet and heartwarming. My little man and I packed up in the morning and headed to my hometown in southern Ohio. Our first stop was my favorite bakery to pick up donuts that were a staple in my childhood. I loved Saturday mornings when my mom would make a donut run or weekday mornings when she would stop and let us get a donut before dropping my sister and I off at school. The smell, anticipation of what we would soon taste, and the excitement of my little man were nostalgic. Penny's Pastries, at one time Walsh's Bakery, has the absolute best donuts. I crave them on a regular basis and have been known to beg my mom and sister to pick them up for me since I live out of town. Perhaps they are a little sweeter because the Walsh family is part of it's story. My Grandpa's brother Jack owned the bakery when my mom was a little girl and Grandpa was known to help out at the bakery from time to time. My mom and her siblings say the donuts still taste the same. I can only imagine the nostalgia they feel when they visit the bakery. My Grandma, Great Walsh (as she is referred to by her 10 great grandchildren), still lives nearby, so off we went to spend the morning and enjoy our donuts with her.

Far too often, because of other commitments our visits with Great Walsh feel cut short. But yesterday we had all morning, nowhere else to be. She lives in the same house that I visited as a little girl. Shortly after we arrived, there it was again, Nostalgia. My little man playing on her living room floor, discovering fun hiding spaces, and after lunch curling up on the couch to watch his favorite show. All things I did when I visited at a young age. I love that my little man gets to experience the excitement of visiting Great Walsh. She's one of a kind, little and petite at 4'8", so sweet, makes the best baked goods, and genuinely cares about her family (every single one of us, there's a lot!). 
With our bellies and hearts full we left and headed to visit dear friends who just welcomed their sweet little boy into the world. As we visited and marveled over the miracle of a newborn I was met with nostalgia yet again. It was words exchanged with the new mom about the incredible experience of becoming a parent, something that is almost impossible to put into words. As she shared I could relate in so many ways and was taken back to the day we welcomed our little man into the world. Nostalgic because their sweet boy was swaddled in the same type of blanket and hat as our little man in those first few days we spent at the hospital. Such a precious time. 
Life and it's many distractions sometimes overshadow sweet moments like these and I don't slow down enough to capture and enjoy them. Yesterday, nostalgia moved me to embrace these precious moments. Sweet and heartwarming. Slow down and enjoy the small things; you just might find something nostalgic around the corner. 

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