A Glimpse of Spring

My little man and I bundled up this morning and headed outside for some fresh air before lunch. We spent time throwing snowballs into our creek and watching them float downstream. As we sat in the snow I realized the creek was flowing the way it normally would during the spring and the snow blanketing the ground seemed out of place. 

I sensed a Changing Seasons type of struggle occurring around us. I noticed the birds singing more than usual, providing a little bit of hope that perhaps spring isn't too far away. I'm ready, aren't you? But I couldn't get past the endless snow and the predicted storm due to arrive. I'm passionate about nature and there are certain things I love about each season, but I normally reach an "I'm over it" point every winter. There are a few things I do to help me get through the last days of winter and look forward to spring.

1. I take down any decor in my house connected to the winter season and bring out decor related to spring. Even if it doesn't look or feel like spring outside, there can still be a feel of spring inside. 

2. Winter can feel drab and plain. I love introducing a fun color in our house where we spend most of our time, it brightens things up and I'm convinced it lifts my spirits. It doesn't require going out and buying new decor, it can be as simple as buying fresh cut flowers.

My husband brought these home a few days ago,
he's picked up on my need for color and love
of yellow right now! 

I've been buying lemons, slicing them and putting them in
jars filled with water. It brings in color and they smell great! 

3. Do you have a favorite activity that you associate with winter? One of mine is curling up by our fireplace and reading or writing. Take advantage of the opportunity to do things you are more drawn to in the winter.

4. At our house when spring arrives we like to spend as much time as possible outside. We love grilling, gardening, planting flowers to attract wildlife, birding, and just about anything involving nature. I pass time in the winter completing projects that never quite make it to the top of my to-do list like de-cluttering and organizing closets or cabinets. It always feels great when I finish and it's nice to not have them hanging over my head when the weather gets nice and all I want is to be outside.

5. Some meals just taste better when it's cold outside. Cook your favorite cold-weather meal. Some of our favorites this winter have been cube steak, homemade chicken pot pie, and almost any crockpot meal 
with mashed potatoes.

6. Last but not least, it has to be said....you could embrace winter and it's Beauty. But if you are rolling your eyes after reading the last sentence and far beyond the "I'm over it" point, then focus on the previous ideas I've shared to help you get through these last days of winter.

I'll be doing many of these while I wait for the snow to melt and warmer weather to arrive.  Don't get too caught up in the winter weather we are surrounded with, it could overshadow small glimpses of spring that I'm convinced will appear in the coming weeks. 

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