Happy Mother's Day

The older I get and with each passing year of motherhood (only 2 at this point) I become more grateful for the two most important moms in my life; my very own mom, Mama Suz, and my sweet mother-in-law, Karen. As Mother's Day approaches this year my heart is overflowing with thanks for both of these women, they truly are one of a kind and I wouldn't be the person or mom that I am today without them.

Mama Suz
I watched you make sacrifices when Autum and I were young so that you could be present in our life and spend more time with us. Now, as we raise our own little man I'm so thankful for this example, it encourages me to make the sometimes hard (but best) choices that require making a sacrifice. I'm thankful for your support. When I think back on some of the adventures I embarked on as a young adult through the lens of a parent, I now realize how scary they could have been for you. Many of those experiences were crucial in shaping who I am today, thanks for letting me pursue my dreams and supporting me along the way. I can't help but think your example will help me "let go" and let our little man "explore" in his teenage and young adult years. Nature is such a part of my being and I often feel the most connected with our Creator in moments when I'm immersed in nature. It began in my childhood; you let me roam, wander, explore, and spend my days outside. It has impacted me in more ways than I can put into words. Growing up, you said "yes" a lot but you also said "no." Thank you for saying no at times to protect me and to move me away from entitlement. Another valuable life lesson, but also one that is helping me as I navigate parenthood. Thank you Mom!

Karen -
I may not have grown up with you as my mom, but so much of what you instilled in Jimmy as a child and young man overflows in our marriage and home. You (and Steve) raised an incredible man that I am beyond blessed to call my husband. The husband and father that he is today is a reflection of your parenting, faith, values, and the priorities you set as a family. Your example is inspiring and encouraging to us as parents. You are everything but selfish and I can recall countless examples of you serving, giving your time, and putting others first. Your patience is admirable and your positive outlook in all circumstances is contagious. When I spend time with you I always walk away feeling refreshed and uplifted. Thank you for loving me like a daughter and always supporting us!

Becoming a mom has been an incredible gift, but having two moms who have impacted and shaped me in significant ways is equally incredible.

Happy Mother's Day to my two favorite moms, I love you! XOXO

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