Old to New

I love DIY projects and finding ways of turning old into new. I'm sometimes tempted to go out and buy something new in order to find the updated look I'm going for. It isn't always practical to DIY, but each project I tackle (the cost savings and ability to prevent something from going to waste) gives me confidence and motivation for the next project. Not to mention, turning old into new speaks to my creative side. I truly enjoy it and crave it; I've learned enough about myself over the years to realize it's important for me to set aside time to be creative. Recently my creative time has been dedicated to making-over a cabinet. We've had it for 8 years; it's been functional but I knew it had potential for a completely new look.

After browsing Pinterest, it didn't take long to find inspiration for the cabinet make-over. The first thing I was inspired to do was take off the cabinet doors to open it up. (But those won't go to waste, they are my next make-over project that I'm in the process of transforming into wall decor). I had some different color options floating around in my mind, but knowing that would be the last step I had to figure out how to get to the point where the cabinet was ready for paint. Honestly, this part intimidated me because I've never attempted a furniture make-over like this. Once again Pinterest was a great resource and linked me to designer and blogger, Jenna Burger. A post on her blog provided a step-by-step guide. It seemed simple enough and didn't require purchasing a ridiculous amount of supplies. This little beauty was about to get a new look.

In the end it was 3 simple steps: 
1) lightly sand every surface I planned to paint
2) apply one coat of gripping primer
3) apply two coats of paint 

Check out Jenna's Blog for more details and helpful hints for each step of the process. Once the painting was complete I purchased new hardware as a finishing touch. I couldn't be happier with the end result of old to new.

Now that's a transformation! It even has a little bit of a wow factor when looking at the before and after picture side by side. One of my favorite parts of the new cabinet look is displaying a few of my Great Grandmother's dishes. 

Is there a project you've been thinking about tackling? You can do it! I have a feeling the end result will make all of the hard work worth it! I'm already looking ahead and determined to complete the cabinet doors, check in later for the reveal. In the meantime if creativity speaks to you, make it a priority to be creative. It's always refreshing! 

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