Time Away

This morning I'm soaking up the mountain views and crisp air from our room at Stowe Mountain Lodge. It's refreshing and I'm in awe of yet another one of God's masterpieces- The Green Mountains of Vermont. As I've sat enjoying the quiet and relaxed atmosphere my mind has wandered to how busy it was at our house just a few days ago as we prepared for this trip. The opportunity came up last minute through my husband's job to attend a conference here and lucky for me I was able to register as a guest. I'm convinced it was by God's design that we only had a few days to make the decision about attending; it left very little time for me to overthink or stress about leaving our little man with family for what would be the longest stretch of time since he was born. Ultimately it was a wonderful opportunity for my husband and the perfect getaway for us as a couple before we become a family of four. Nevertheless, things were a little crazy as we prepared for the trip. We had just returned from vacation leaving us less than a week to unpack and prepare for leaving again. I had a lengthly "to-do" list and felt like I was taking multi-tasking to a new level as I packed and made arrangements for while we would be away.

In the midst of running around and crossing off "to-do's," I was distracted by the buzzing of hummingbirds on our deck. I had just filled the feeder with fresh food and when I finally took the time to stop and observe I noticed at least 5 hummingbirds in our back yard frequenting the feeder. Have you ever taken the time to look closely at a hummingbird when they have perched and are briefly still before flying away again? They're amazing! Beautifully iridescent, sleek, and like all birds perfectly designed for survival in their habitat. In that moment it was as if God was whispering "slow down and take in the beauty around you." I don't know about you, but I need those reminders. I can get caught up in the daily grind and miss the beauty around me. Our creator knows the exact path to my heart because He often speaks to my heart through nature.

As I tuned in and turned off everything that was competing for my attention I felt my heart being prepared for our time in Vermont. It was affirmation of our decision to make the trip and a reminder of the beauty we were about to be immersed in during our stay. As nature and outdoor enthusiasts the location of this getaway couldn't be more perfect. We are enjoying our time here more than I could have imagined, but the reality is we didn't have to come to a resort location tucked in the mountains for it to be this great. The location, scenery, conference excursions, and delicious local food are icing on the cake, but the most refreshing part is time together away from our normal routine that so often distracts us from making each other a priority and taking time for ourselves. My heart is full and incredibly grateful for our time here!

Sterling Pond-the highest trout lake in Vermont. Quite the trek for this pregnant lady, but totally worth it!

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