A New Adventure

Life is full of adventures and I personally feel as though a lot of different things qualify as an adventure. It can be anything from trying a new recipe to moving across the country and a lot of other life events or ordinary happenings in between. Some of our family's latest adventures have included traveling to new places (Vermont and The Outer Banks), moving our little man from a toddler bed to a regular twin bed, visiting a new park, and it certainly feels like parenthood is a daily adventure. Today is a day of new beginnings as my two favorite guys each embark on their very own adventure. A range of emotions are stirring in my heart as they each prepare to walk out the door this morning.

My husband carries a variety of titles in our house and family; Daddy, Jimmy (although some know him as Jim, I've known him as Jimmy since 6th grade), provider, spiritual leader, hunter, maintenance man (he can fix anything!), and comedian. Hands down, he's the best! I am so thankful for how hard he works everyday so that our little man and I can spend our days together embarking on our own adventures. Today my husband is leaving behind his budget analyst title and starting a new job. This opportunity is a direct reflection of his incredible work ethic and commitment. It's a new adventure and I couldn't be more proud of all that he's accomplished. I'm excited to walk alongside him as he starts something new. We've seen in the last five years how God perfectly weaves together His plans for us as we trust in Him. This adventure will likely be the same and require our trust along the way.

As you walk out the door this morning 
know that I'm proud of you, 
thankful for who you are, 
and my heart is full of excitement 
for you. Your two biggest fans will be 
cheering you on from home!

The littlest man in our house will be heading to his first day of preschool in a few short hours. We've had a lot of reminders lately of how our little man is just not so little anymore. Exerting his independence, his 3rd birthday, questions that stump us, learning to ride his bike, an ever increasing vocabulary, in- depth conversations, and all in one night we attended his preschool orientation and put together his big boy bed. The orientation and bed alone are enough to move a pregnant mom to tears. Our little man is growing up and today's adventure is another reminder. 

Mommy and Daddy are proud of the 
person you are developing into. 
We are in love with your big personality 
and excited for this new adventure. 
We can't wait to hear about your first day!
We love you! 

As this day of new beginnings sets into motion I'm excited, anxious, overjoyed, and thankful. My heart is full. What does a mom and wife do after her two favorite guys are off, each embarking on their new adventure? Take the time to soak up the memories that will always mark the beginning of what is starting today. I don't want to miss the opportunity to be still and reflect because another adventure is always around the corner. And of course, I'll be taking some time to enjoy the quiet and alone time while my little man is at preschool. It seems extra precious as each day that passes is a day closer to us welcoming our newest family member; an adventure all of it's own. 

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