Our Sweet Daniel

We’ve been asked countless times in the past few months how we’re adjusting to life with a newborn and as a family of four. There was a time when I would have answered “good” without much thought; but the older I get the more I realize that life is hard, nobody has it all together (as much as we would like to), and there is freedom in authenticity. If you would have asked me during my pregnancy to predict how we would be doing at this point I would have said stressed, a little strung out, and most likely life with two kids would feel challenging. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly challenges. But after experiencing a season of Unexpected Waves with my first child, I’m pleasantly surprised with how sweet this new season has been. There isn’t a better word to describe our Daniel and what he has brought to our family. My littlest man is just that. Sweet. In every way. We truly are doing “good.”

Daniel was sweet enough to make a quick entrance into the world. I had mentally prepared myself for a long drawn out labor. Daniel had different plans, I was only in labor for 6 hours and after a few pushes we met our little man. He came out crying but that quickly transitioned to a whimper as he snuggled up skin to skin on my chest; our first glimpse of his sweet nature. In the days since we’ve brought him home from the hospital he has stolen our hearts and constantly reminds us of how sweet he is.

Daniel came out with serious cheeks and is eating well enough to maintain them. They are super cute. I could kiss them all day. His cheeks combined with baby chub is almost too much. 

Babies cry, it’s just part of life with a newborn. But even Daniel’s cry is sweet. It’s soft, delicate, and almost as if he’s saying “hey guys, sorry to bother you but I do need something now.”

I've been told the second child is just naturally more laid back. Or they seem that way because as a parent you are more laid back the second time around. I don’t know if there is something specific to attribute it to; but there is no doubt about it, our littlest man is laid back. He goes with the flow, adapts to being on the go, and in the middle of everything reminds us of his happy heart by throwing in a few smiles here and there.

Have I mentioned sleep? This little man is off to a great start when it comes to sleep. Don’t compare, don’t hate, every baby is different. He would still be sweet if he wasn’t sleeping (I just wouldn’t have the energy to blog about him). But our Daniel is giving us sleep and it’s the icing on the cake of him being sweet. What infant doesn’t appear extra sweet after giving his or her parents a full nights sleep on a regular basis?! 

It's entirely possible Daniel's sweetness is magnified by having a 3 year old in the house who consistently keeps us on our toes. Our littlest man can't talk back, doesn't throw tantrums, and doesn't  tell me he'd rather live with a different family when I make him share snacks with his cousins (Yes, there are certainly challenges in this house!). Daniel's innocence at this age is very sweet.

Mixed in amongst the difficult moments with the big brother of the house are glimpses of a sweet relationship forming between two brothers. Daniel gets showered with kisses and I'm not sure he'll ever know what personal space is. Graham is a proud big brother, helps out on occasion, and for the most part has adapted well to having a sibling. This too is very sweet to my momma heart. 

My short time as a momma has taught me that parenthood will be a journey of seasons and within each season will lie a different set of challenges. Surely there are challenges around the next corner, but we are incredibly thankful for two little boys that are making everything extra sweet in this season.

Justine Tuhy Photography captured this sweetness
for us when Daniel was 1 week old!

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