A New Adventure at Clear Creek

Today finally felt like spring in Ohio and it was the perfect opportunity to introduce my favorite 5-year old to my new "office." I'm picking back up where I left off 6 years ago as a Naturalist, same job but a new location; Clear Creek Metro Park, Ohio's largest State Nature Preserve.  It would be unusual for me to spend time in nature and not be inspired .... and so it's the perfect time to resurrect my blog to share some of the beauty i've been experiencing as I'm learning and getting acclimated to the park. It's rugged terrain that feels like home with incredible plant and wildlife diversity. I spent some time working in the Pacific Northwest right out of college and I'm convinced this is the closest I will come in Ohio to that terrain and beauty.

Lake Emily-Clear Creek Metro Park
I've only just began, but Clear Creek is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. After exploring today, Graham is in agreement and already planning our next adventure there. 

Black Hand Sandstone & Hemlocks along Clear Creek

Wildflowers are blooming and warblers are arriving; spring in Ohio has finally arrived. I anticipate it will pass quickly. Don't miss out, get outside and enjoy it while it's here. More to come on Clear Creek and my outdoor adventures! 

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