First out of state hunt and successful
harvest of a Merriam Turkey. 4.23.18
His first out of state hunt, doing what he loves (hunting), and making memories with a friend after they both harvested Nebraska Merriam Turkey's within hours of each other. The smile on his face says it all. There's a lot to celebrate about this picture and yet it's much more than a successful turkey harvest.

When the picture came through on my phone I was immediately reminded of a conversation we had a few years ago about how we could help each other pursue our hobbies in the midst of life with kids. I't's so easy for those to get forgotten and even lost. Sure they are going to look different and priorities are different for us in this stage of life. It wasn't a conversation about how life with kids had stolen our hobbies from us but more about how life looks different in this season and requires intentionality and time management with our schedule to fit them in. The more we talked the more we were both encouraged to create space for one another to pursue our hobbies...the things that energize us. We committed to creating space but also creating an environment of freedom for one another to pursue what we love. If you're married or in a relationship you know what I mean when I say "creating freedom." It's one thing to allow your spouse to go but prioritizing on their behalf, being encouraging and allowing them to feel the freedom to go is just as important.

Isn't this true in other areas of life too? Maybe you aren't married but a career or something else in life has consumed your time to the point that your hobby has been lost or forgotten. Perhaps you need to create space and give yourself the freedom to re-prioritize your time to get a piece of that back.

It isn't always as involved as an out of state turkey hunt or an extended time away. Sometimes it's as simple as time to read a book, go for a hike, or prioritizing date night so that we can have an uninterrupted conversation. YES, the pursuit of an uninterrupted conversation becomes a hobby when you have young kids (and all the parents said AMEN)!

As my hunter prepared to leave I intentionally encouraged him, helped him pack, and shared in the excitement of the upcoming trip. When he returns I will also celebrate the success and fun he had. It's incredible to watch someone you love pursue and enjoy something they are passionate about.

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